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Giorni festivi, festivitÓ e celebrazioni in tutto il mondo!

Africa Meridionale : giorni festivi, ferie nazionali, chiusura delle banche, vacanze scolastiche


Africa Meridionale : calendario dei giorni festivi, chiusure di banche e borse, vacanze scolastiche, fiere, mostre, manifestazioni sportive e culturali, feste, carnevali, elezione nel corso dei prossimi 9 mesi

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Nome Data Tipo Pi¨
Pesce d'aprile**LunedÝ 1 Aprile, 2019Cartoline/Fiori 
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Pasqua**Domenica 1 Aprile, 2018Cattolica o Protestante 
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Giornata della Famiglia*LunedÝ 2 Aprile, 2018Ferie secolare 
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Sciopero generaleMercoledÝ 25 Aprile, 2018Ferie secolare 
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Giorno della LibertÓ*VenerdÝ 27 Aprile, 2018FestivitÓ nazionale 
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ponte facoltativoLunedÝ 30 Aprile, 2018Ferie secolare 
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Festa del Lavoro*MartedÝ 1 Maggio, 2018Ferie secolare 
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Festa della Mamma*Domenica 13 Maggio, 2018Cartoline/Fiori 
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Royal weddingVenerdÝ 18 Maggio, 2018Eventi eccezionali 
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Giornata della Giovent¨**Sabato 16 Giugno, 2018Ferie secolare 
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Festa del papÓDomenica 17 Giugno, 2018Cartoline/Fiori 
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Giornata Nazionale della Donna*GiovedÝ 9 Agosto, 2018Ferie secolare 
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ponte facoltativoVenerdÝ 10 Agosto, 2018Ferie secolare 
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Festa dell'albero*Sabato 1 Settembre, 2018Cultura 
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Rosh Hashanah**LunedÝ 10 Settembre, 2018Cartoline/Fiori 
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Yom Kippour (le banche sono chiuse)MartedÝ 18 Settembre, 2018Cartoline/Fiori 
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Festa dell'EreditÓ**LunedÝ 24 Settembre, 2018Ferie secolare 
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Recesso del Parlamento (fine)LunedÝ 8 Ottobre, 2018Eventi eccezionali 
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Pesce d'aprile -
LunedÝ 1 Aprile, 2019

Cartoline/Fiori : As the story goes, in 1564, France was one of the first nations to make January 1 officially New Year's Day, instead of the last week of March which was previously observed. In 1582, the Pope followed suit. Those who went on celebrating April 1st were mocked. As the zodiacal sign was the fish, The French placed dead fish on the backs of one another. Traditions vary from country to country.

Pasqua -
Domenica 1 Aprile, 2018

Cattolica o Protestante : Not a paid holiday

Giornata della Famiglia -
LunedÝ 2 Aprile, 2018

Ferie secolare : It was typical in South Africa to take a day off of work after Easter. This day, which is also known as Easter Monday, was renamed as Family Day in 1995. This extra day off for the holiday was meant to give families more quality family time together and to allow them to go on vacations with friends and family.

Sciopero generale -
MercoledÝ 25 Aprile, 2018

Ferie secolare :

Giorno della LibertÓ -
VenerdÝ 27 Aprile, 2018

Ferie secolare : Le prime elezioni libere si sono svolte nel 1994. Sudafricani di tutte le razze sono stati ammessi per determinare il futuro della loro democrazia. Nelson Mandela Ŕ stato eletto Presidente. 2019 date not confirmed

Ponte facoltativo -
LunedÝ 30 Aprile, 2018

Ferie secolare :

Festa del Lavoro -
MartedÝ 1 Maggio, 2018

Ferie secolare : Chicago, Saturday May 1st, 1886: 350,000 workers go on strike to call for an 8-hour working day. Industries are paralyzed nationwide. On Monday, as demonstrations go on, the police open fire. On Tuesday, Chicago is again on strike. Following a bomb launched against them, the police shoot again. 12 dead, of which 7 policemen. 8 anarchists will be condemned and executed. In 1889, the Socialist International Movement met in Paris and declared this day international workers' day . The Soviets will follow suit, just as the Nazis. In France, under the Vichy regime (1940-1944), the celebration is renamed Labour Day .

Festa della Mamma -
Domenica 13 Maggio, 2018

Cartoline/Fiori : La festa della mamma Ŕ una ricorrenza civile in alcuni paesi del mondo, celebrata in onore della figura di madre, della maternitÓ e dell'influenza sociale delle madri. Ci sono diverse antiche celebrazioni che in qualche maniera possono essere paragonate alla festa della mamma, ma non sono correlate alla celebrazione moderna. In Italia, la prima Giornata nazionale della Madre e del Fanciullo fu celebrata il 24 dicembre 1933, nel quadro della politica della famiglia del governo fascista. Nell'occasione vennero premiate le madri pi¨ prolifiche d'Italia. La data era stata scelta in connessione con il Natale. [Wikipedia]

Royal wedding -
VenerdÝ 18 Maggio, 2018

Eventi eccezionali :

Giornata della Giovent¨ -
Sabato 16 Giugno, 2018

Ferie secolare : In 1975 protests started in African schools after a directive from the then Bantu Education Department that Afrikaans had to be used on an equal basis with English as a language of instruction in secondary schools. The issue, however, was not so much the Afrikaans as the whole system of Bantu education which was characterised by separate schools and universities, poor facilities, overcrowded classrooms and inadequately trained teachers. On 16 June 1976 more than 20 000 pupils from Soweto began a protest march. Paid holiday when falling on Saturday or Sunday Previously known as Soweto Day.

Festa del papÓ -
Domenica 17 Giugno, 2018

Cartoline/Fiori :

Mandela Day -
GiovedÝ 18 Luglio, 2019

Eventi eccezionali : In tribute to former president Nelson Mandela. Madiba was politically active for 67 years and on Mandela Day people are called upon to spend at least 67 minutes doing something useful within their communities. From 2009 onwards.

Giornata Nazionale della Donna -
GiovedÝ 9 Agosto, 2018

Ferie secolare : Commemorates 9 August 1956 when women participated in a national march to petition against pass laws (legislation that required African persons to carry a document on them to Ĺproveĺ that they were allowed to enter a Ĺwhite areaĺ

Ponte facoltativo -
VenerdÝ 10 Agosto, 2018

Ferie secolare :

Festa dell'albero -
Sabato 1 Settembre, 2018

Cultura : Lasts one week

Rosh Hashanah -
LunedÝ 10 Settembre, 2018

Cartoline/Fiori : Jewish New Year NOT a public holiday

Yom Kippour (le banche sono chiuse) -
MartedÝ 18 Settembre, 2018

Cartoline/Fiori :

Festa dell'EreditÓ -
LunedÝ 24 Settembre, 2018

Ferie secolare : All that the people of South Africa inherit: the sum total of wild life and scenic parks, sites of scientific or historical importance, national monuments, historic buildings, works of art, literature and music, oral traditions and museum collections together with their documentation. Not a paid holiday when falling on Saturday or Sunday

Recesso del Parlamento (fine) -
LunedÝ 8 Ottobre, 2018

Eventi eccezionali :