Canada (Territori del Nord-Ovest), Canada (Territori di Yukon), Groenlandia - Kalaallit Nunaat, oggi si celebra la vostra festività nazionale! EDIT vi porge i migliori auguri in questo giorno speciale.
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Regno Unito di GB & d'Irl del Nord (Europa)

Giornata di papavero
Domenica 10 Novembre 2019
(la data cambia a seconda dell'anno)
*Remembrance Day è noto anche come papavero giorno, perché è tradizionale di indossare uno artificiale papavero. I papaveri sono indossati perché in guerra mondiale contenuta nel terreno migliaia di semi di papavero. I semi misteriosamente sbocciato durante le battaglie. The poppies are worn because in World War One the Western Front contained in the soil thousands of poppy seeds, all lying dormant. They would have lain there for years more, but the battles being fought there churned up the soil so much that the poppies bloomed like never before. The most famous bloom of poppies in the war was in Ypres, a town in Flanders, Belgium, which was crucial to the Allied defence. There were three battles there, but it was the second, which was calamitous to the allies since it heralded the first use of the new chlorine gas the Germans were experimenting with, which brought forth the poppies in greatest abundance, and inspired the Canadian soldier, Major John McCrae, to write his most famous poem. This, in turn, inspired the British Legion to adopt the poppy as their emblem.


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