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Myanmar (Chin) - festivi, ferie nazionali del mondo - 1970-2070


Calendario completo dei giorni festivi e ferie nazionali del mondo (e giorni quando le banche sono chiuse), 1970 fino al 2070 for Myanmar (Chin)

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Week-end : sabato e domenica

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Nome Data Tipo Più
Giorno festivoDomenica 1 Gennaio, 2017Ferie secolare 
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Festa dell'Indipendenza*Mercoledí 4 Gennaio, 2017Ferie secolare 
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Giorno di capodanno di NagaSabato 14 Gennaio, 2017Eventi, celebrazioni... 
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Festa dell'Unione*Domenica 12 Febbraio, 2017Ferie secolare 
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Chin National Day*Lunedí 20 Febbraio, 2017Eventi, celebrazioni... 
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Giorno festivo -
Lunedí 1 Gennaio, 2018

Ferie secolare :

Festa dell'Indipendenza -
Giovedí 4 Gennaio, 2018

Ferie secolare : Celebrates Burma's Declaration of Independence from Britain on January 4, 1948.

Giorno di capodanno di Naga -
Domenica 14 Gennaio, 2018

Cultura :

Festa dell'Unione -
Lunedí 12 Febbraio, 2018

Ferie secolare : Celebrates Bogyoke Aung San's short-lived achievement of unifying Myanmar's disparate racial groups. For two weeks preceding Union Day, the national flag is paraded from town to town.

Chin National Day -
Martedí 20 Febbraio, 2018

Cultura : Till the time British conquered the Chin Hills in 1895, Chins were ruled themselves by chieftains. The Chin leaders joined with other ethnic minority leaders of Burma and signed the historic Panglong Agreement on February 12, 1947 to achieve independence from the British. Barely one month after the independence of Burma, the first Chin National Conference was held from February 19 to 22 at Falam town in Chin land and it was attended by more than 5,000 Chin nationals. On the second day of the conference, the participants decided to eliminate the existing feudal Chieftainship and adopt a democratic administration in Chin land. The conference also decided to observe the day as Chin National Day