Gambia, oggi si celebra la vostra festivitÓ nazionale! EDIT vi porge i migliori auguri in questo giorno speciale.
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Marocco - festivi, ferie nazionali del mondo - 1970-2070

calendario completo dei giorni festivi e ferie nazionali del mondo (e giorni quando le banche sono chiuse), 1970 fino al 2070 for Marocco

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arabo (104 milioni di parlanti in 21 paesi), berbero (20 milioni di parlanti), francese (75 milioni di parlanti in 30 paesi), lingue vernacolari, tamasheq (0,1 milioni di parlanti), hassani ...
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Nome Data Tipo Pi¨
vacanze estive (inizio)LunedÝ 6 Luglio, 2015FestivitÓ scolastiche, oltre alle precedenti festivitÓ civili (possono variare a seconda della regione) 
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Festa del Trono*GiovedÝ 30 Luglio, 2015Ferie secolare 
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Oued Eddahab Allegiance Day*VenerdÝ 14 Agosto, 2015Ferie secolare 
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Giorno della Rivoluzione*GiovedÝ 20 Agosto, 2015Ferie secolare 
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Giornata della Giovent¨*VenerdÝ 21 Agosto, 2015Ferie secolare 
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Vacanze estive (inizio) -
GiovedÝ 6 Luglio, 2017

Vacanze scolastiche (si prega di controllare) :

Festa del Trono -
Domenica 30 Luglio, 2017

Ferie secolare : Celebrates the accession to the throne, of King Mohammed VI on July 3O, 1999, who succeeded his father King Hassan II.

Oued Eddahab Allegiance Day -
LunedÝ 14 Agosto, 2017

Ferie secolare : On August 14, 1979, the recovery of this province by Moroccan authorities came to materialize the unity of the country and crown a long struggle for the perfection of Morocco's territorial integrity. On that day, at the Riad palace in Rabat, a 360 person-strong delegation, was dispatched by the population of the region to renew before King Hassan II the oath of allegiance and their attachment to the Alaouite throne. The sovereign then delivered a historic speech in which he vowed to guarantee their defense and security and endeavor for their well-being.

Giorno della Rivoluzione -
Domenica 20 Agosto, 2017

Ferie secolare : On August 20th 1953, The Revolution began when the colonial residence surrounded the Royal palace and enjoined the legitimate Sultan Mohamed V to surrender or be exiled. This event contributed to strengthen the domestic front in Morocco and the unity of Moroccans behind the Sultan. After two years, this victorious revolution succeeded in freeing the country from the yoke and tutelage of the French Protectorate, paving the way for the advent of the era of freedom and independence.

Giornata della Giovent¨ -
LunedÝ 21 Agosto, 2017

Ferie secolare : Celebrates the Revolution of the King and the People, a landmark in Morocco's history, that illustrates the struggle of the Alaouite Throne and the Moroccan people against occupation. On August 20, 1953 the French colonial authorities exiled the Late King Mohammed V and the Royal Family, after the Late king had refused to disavow the action of the national movement and to sign decrees consecrating French domination over Morocco. Celebration of the Revolution of the King and People