Turks e Caicos (Isole), oggi si celebra la vostra festività nazionale! EDIT vi porge i migliori auguri in questo giorno speciale.
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Giorni festivi, festività e celebrazioni in tutto il mondo!

Ortodossa : feste religiose

Ortodossa : calendario di celebrazioni religiose e feste di tutto il mondo nel corso dei prossimi 2 mesi

Nome Data Tipo Più
Giorno dei Morti*Domenica 6 Maggio, 2018Ortodossa 
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Ognissanti**Lunedí 7 Maggio, 2018Ortodossa 
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SS. Cirillo e Metodo*Giovedí 24 Maggio, 2018Ortodossa 
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Giorno dei Morti -
Lunedí 6 Maggio, 2019

Ortodossa : Celebrata la Domenica in alcune città.

Ognissanti -
Martedí 7 Maggio, 2019

Ortodossa : The day now honors all saints of the church, even those not known by name. The first All Saints' Day occurred on May 13, 609 (C.E.) when Pope Boniface IV accepted the Pantheon as a gift from the Emperor Phocas. Boniface dedicated it as the Church of Santa Maria Rotonda in honor of the Blessed Virgin and all martyrs. During Pope Gregory III's reign (731-741), the festival was expanded to include all saints and a chapel in St. Peter's church was dedicated accordingly. Pope Gregory IV officially designated the day in 837. banks remain open

SS. Cirillo e Metodo -
Venerdí 24 Maggio, 2019

Ortodossa : Commemorates the creation of the Slavic Glagolitic and Cyrillic alphabets by the brothers Saints Cyril and Methodius. The celebration also commemorates the introduction of literacy and the preaching of the gospels in the Slavonic language by the brothers.